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Leadership Cliff

cri·sis : an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending; especially : one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome < a financial crisis > dangerous or worrying time: a situation or period in which things are very uncertain, difficult, or painful, especially a time […]

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Don’t Compromise

There are certain essentials in life that you just can’t live without. Oxygen. Water. Food. Clothing. Shelter. If you asked people to extend the list the most common answers would include God, love, family, friends, and money. Unfortunately, there are also others who would include non-essentials like cell phones, computers, the Internet, and Facebook. There […]

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If You Build It

McDonald’s “over 1 billion sold” marketing claim is safe for now. No competition here. I would like to thank everyone who signed up to “follow” this blog on a regular basis. I also know  a lot of non-subscribers choose to read new blog posts from time to time. The “40 with Benes” message is growing. […]

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I Have a Dream

History will remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a national icon for his role in advancing civil rights. He is also recognized for being one of the greatest orators in American history following his “I Have a Dream” speech during the organized March on Washington in 1963. We live in a different era today. It’s the digital age where anyone has […]

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What is your Legacy?

Legacy. How is it that one of the most important things that we control in our life is never thought of until it’s too late? We like to plan for the future….we do it all the time. College. Wedding. Savings. House. Career. Wills. Estate Planning. Retirement. Where and when does legacy come into the mix? […]

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My Father’s Shadow

Shock. Disbelief. Uncontrollable emotions. The heaviest of hearts. An intense grief so foreign its indescribable. An utter struggle to understand the loss of my father. It’s been 24 hours since I got that call from my Mom. The one you dread. The one that you’ll never forget. It has a “where were you” element to […]

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Success is a Diva

Success is a diva. She is tempermental and imperious. Success glides through the world with confidence and countenance knowing that she can change lives and fulfill destinies. Success is looking for a companion. She is discriminate in her selection knowing that she can have any man or woman she desires. But she won’t settle for just […]

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Recognition w/ Swagga

Swagga! Physical! Dynasty! Cocky! Hegemony! These are all words being used to describe the Alabama Crimson Tide football program. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “hegemony” as domination. The Roman Empire in the 4th century and the Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire in the 13th century are synonymous with world domination. Alabama football in the 21st century has […]

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Leadership Defined

The definitions of leadership are infinite. If you were to ask 100 people their perspective on leadership you would get an equal amount of responses. We  may have different views on the subject. However, we share a common vision in that leadership must be grounded in ideals, philosophies, values, and principles. Many before us have defined what it […]

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Button-ed Up

What if you could age in reverse like Benjamin Button? The thought of gaining life experiences for 50 years and then taking all that knowledge and letting ‘er rip in your thirties and twenties does have some appeal to it.   Age is simply a number. You are as young or old as you think you are […]

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Speak No Evil

How would you react if I started choking you? What would happen if I grabbed you and started screaming at you? What would you do if I spat at you? If you attempted any of these things with me, you would get knocked out cold like Manny Pacquioua did in his last flight. If you were on […]

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You’re Fired

Eighty-sixed. Walking Papers. Canned. Axed. Pink Slip Kiss. Shown the Door. Turn in your playbook. Given the old heave-ho. There are a plethora of euphemisms for the phrase that everyone loves to hear The Donald say to would-be apprentices. While it may be funny when Donald Trump utters the words “You’re Fired” on TV, it […]

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