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Christmas Blues

I guess the old English proverb is right – “All good things must come to an end.”   Today will be magical like every other Christmas day.  It is my favorite holiday and every year it seems to register higher on the “Like”  scale. But after the presents have been opened and the family dinner is over reality slowly […]

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Fly the Un-Friendly Skies

A good friend recently asked me where I usually have my greatest epiphanies.  Without hesitation I answered, “On airplanes.”  I went on to explain that when the cabin door closes I become unwired.  It is that moment that I typically can exhale and focus on my strategic priorities without text messages, important calls, or new e-mails jamming up my inbox.  As […]

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Rollin’ in my Bentley

Son:  “What is a really expensive car?  Me: “There are a lot of expensive cars like Maserati’s, Bentley’s, Aston Martin‘s, etc  Why do you ask?” Son: “So a Bentley is an expensive car?” Me: “Yep. Why?”  Son: “Then that’s messed up, Dad.  I just saw a guy get out of a Bentley and go into the Dollar store.  Oh, […]

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40 with "Benes" - Authentic insights. Raw takes. Real leadership.

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