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Numbers Don’t Lie

White lies. Bold-faced lies. Lying through your teeth. Half-truths. Omissions. Broken promises. Fabrications. Fib. Exaggeration.  All of the above are forms of lies. Do we lie as a joke or to escape punishment? Is it intentional as a means of deceptive gain? Or is it innocent due to a confused mind where right and wrong are […]

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Doing More with Less

It’s the latest catchphrase in corporations today: doing more with less. However, it has broader meaning than the cliche-infused phrase used during times of austerity across Corporate America. Is it a way for executives to sell the idea of budget cuts and reduced spending? Yes. However, it extends well beyond Fortune 500 companies’ focus on […]

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Blocking & Tackling

One time Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John McKay said it best, “We didn’t tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking.” McKay was known for his colorful quotes with the media, but this particular one resonates. Sometimes, we’re quick to itemize the reasons we missed the objective, goal, target, or […]

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Don’t Compromise

There are certain essentials in life that you just can’t live without. Oxygen. Water. Food. Clothing. Shelter. If you asked people to extend the list the most common answers would include God, love, family, friends, and money. Unfortunately, there are also others who would include non-essentials like cell phones, computers, the Internet, and Facebook. There […]

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40 with "Benes" - Authentic insights. Raw takes. Real leadership.

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