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Be Bold, Never Regular

A friend shared a “life mantra” with me that he found in a Jimmy John’s restaurant, of all places. Apparently, Jimmy John’s ownership knows more than just freaky fast sandwiches. His message to me was simple.  Perhaps “Company X” should read this and adopt it as core values to deal with the business’ opportunities and […]

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A Champion

In athletics, the individual who distinguishes himself above all others is called a champion. He is the one who gave more than was needed; he went the extra mile; he was the one with the fighting heart. Being a champion is the goal of all who play the game…any game, especially the game of life. If you […]

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On Success…

Everyone wants to be a success. I have never met anyone yet who has ever said, “I would like to be a failure!” The problem lies in that most people have difficulty in clearly defining what success means to them. Since I believe that success is a journey and not a destination, it is important to […]

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The Winning Edge

One of my personal mantras is to be inspirational as much as you are aspirational. I learned this a long time ago from my father. Not only was he a great motivator, but he mastered the art of communication. He knew not only what to say, but when to say it and how.  During my playing […]

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Numbers Don’t Lie

White lies. Bold-faced lies. Lying through your teeth. Half-truths. Omissions. Broken promises. Fabrications. Fib. Exaggeration.  All of the above are forms of lies. Do we lie as a joke or to escape punishment? Is it intentional as a means of deceptive gain? Or is it innocent due to a confused mind where right and wrong are […]

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Yesterday, millions of Americans did something seldom done these days…they said thank you to our government officials. Because President’s Day is a federal holiday we received our first official “day off” of 2013. Presidents’ Day was started by President Nixon, to honor all past presidents of the United States, and set on the day when […]

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No Regrets

In yesterday’s Safety First blog I wrote about the importance of being bold and unpredictable. The message was stop playing it safe. Step out of your comfort zone. I want to share a quick parable that a very dear friend of mine shared with me following yesterday’s blog that reinforces the message… An elderly man, in […]

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Safety First

Do you step one foot onto the ice….and hold your breath? Do you walk around the edge of the pool….and dip your toe in the water? Do you stand before the wall in front of you…..and eventually turn around? Playing it safe is an easy choice. You won’t get hurt, disappointed, or rejected. If you […]

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Doing More with Less

It’s the latest catchphrase in corporations today: doing more with less. However, it has broader meaning than the cliche-infused phrase used during times of austerity across Corporate America. Is it a way for executives to sell the idea of budget cuts and reduced spending? Yes. However, it extends well beyond Fortune 500 companies’ focus on […]

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Power of Focus

The power of focus. It has been 11 years since the Super Bowl has been played in New Orleans. This is a city rife with stories of former college and NFL players being lured out of the protected environment of their hotels and into the greatest adult playground – Bourbon Street. I played in the Sugar Bowl there my freshman […]

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Blocking & Tackling

One time Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John McKay said it best, “We didn’t tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking.” McKay was known for his colorful quotes with the media, but this particular one resonates. Sometimes, we’re quick to itemize the reasons we missed the objective, goal, target, or […]

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for. My wife used to get jealous when I traveled for business. All she cared about was that I got to fly on airplanes, stay in high-end hotels, eat at fancy restaurants, and entertain customers and team members. Sounds glamorous, right? Maybe it is for the first 100,000 miles on […]

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