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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for.

My wife used to get jealous when I traveled for business. All she cared about was that I got to fly on airplanes, stay in high-end hotels, eat at fancy restaurants, and entertain customers and team members. Sounds glamorous, right? Maybe it is for the first 100,000 miles on a given airline. But when you reach 1.2 Million miles on United the last thing you want to do is fly the un-friendly skies. She couldn’t comprehend it when I told her that I would give anything to sleep in my own bed and eat a home-cooked meal. Her typical response? “What-evuh!”

Then she started traveling for work and quickly realized that business travel is not so glamorous. Once she had the proper “experience” she could finally relate.

The same principle applies to leadership positions. When you’re on the outside looking in you can’t wait to get promoted. I deserve it. It’s my time. I want to make the decisions. I want to call the shots. I could do it better.

You get the job and let everyone know that you’re “The Man” now that will get things done. Then a funny thing happens. Everyone comes to you with their opportunities, plans, ideas, problems, challenges, and issues. And they all want one simple thing….a positive decision. They all want to hear one simple word come out of your mouth….YES. The hard part is that you want their approval and respect. You want to be viewed as a problem-solver and change agent. You want to be The Man. The temptation is strong to say yes even when it isn’t warranted.

Leadership is about making the right decisionsnot the popular ones. It’s about turning down a promotion request because the person didn’t deserve it. It’s about rejecting a proposal because it’s not the right time or maybe the right thing for the business. It’s about making difficult trade-off decisions because you have a financial obligation to your organization and shareholders. And everyone once in a while you get to let ‘er rip and just say yes!

Remember, you wanted to be The Man. You wanted to make the decisions. You wanted to call the shots. Be careful what you wish for. More importantly, be ready to be a real leader that makes the right decisions for the business, the individual, and your customers. That’s why you’re in the role and that is what people expect of you.

That’s when you know that you’ve arrived. That’s when you become The Man…

be careful what you wish for

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40 with "Benes" - Authentic insights. Raw takes. Real leadership.

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