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What is your Legacy?

Legacy. How is it that one of the most important things that we control in our life is never thought of until it’s too late?

We like to plan for the future….we do it all the time. College. Wedding. Savings. House. Career. Wills. Estate Planning. Retirement. Where and when does legacy come into the mix? How many of us have taken the time to ask this important question, “What is my legacy?”

Legacy is commonly defined as something that an individual has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or die. We often get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of life without ever considering how our dealings and actions will impact our legacy as friends, spouses, parents, or citizens.

Does it matter? Of course it does. It matters with every breath we take, every thought that enters our head, and every ripple effect of our actions. Need proof?

How many of us were lauding the courageous and triumphant achievements of Lance Armstrong just a few years ago? How many of you remember the answer that Manti T’eo gave at the Heisman Trophy presentation when Chris Fowler asked him what moment of his public tragedy he would remember most?

teo“I think I’ll never forget the time when I found out that, you know, my girlfriend passed away and the first person to run to my aid was my defensive coordinator, Coach [Bob] Diaco, and you know he said something very profound to me. He said, ‘This is where your faith is tested.’ Right after that, I ran into the players’ lounge and I got on the phone with my parents — and I opened my eyes and my head coach was sitting right there. And so, you know, there are a hundred-plus people on our team and the defensive coordinator and our head coach took time to just go get one (of those players). You know I think that was the most meaningful to me.” ~ Manti T’eo.

We now know that this was two days after he first learned about the hoax. Still don’t think that what you do every single day of your life doesn’t define your legacy? One single event, whether good or bad, can change how people think of you overnight.

This past week has been the most difficult of my life, dealing with my father’s death. But throughout the week my spirit has been uplifted with stories of how my father had a positive effect on people. In the end, his successful business and athletic careers were never mentioned during eulogies. He is remembered most for how he dealt with others and helped them grow. People were waiting in line to talk with me to share their stories whether it was the former high school football player that my dad coached 35 years ago or his Sunday school class members that he taught at church last week. A legacy that is secure…

It’s amazing how an event like this can change your perspective on things. The frenetic pace of life suddenly stops. You see things with clarity like never before.

There are parts of my existing legacy that are inescapable. As proud as I am of some of those legacy-defining things in my life, they are not enough. They are not important enough. I desire more. I want to be remembered for greater things…that matter.

Your legacy is defined and controlled by one individual…you. How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to be known for?

Make your life a story worth telling. 


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