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“Not” To-Do List

We generate a lot of lists this time of year.  A week ago it was our Christmas wish lists and Santa’s naughty or nice list.  Today, it’s Day 1 of our New Year’s resolution list. 

Most of us return back to work on Tuesday.  Another list will be generated if it hasn’t been already.  The Priority ListWhat is most important?  What needs immediate attention?  What needs to get done to achieve my strategic objectives?   This is where we should be spending all of our time, right? 

The reality is we either can’t or don’t.  Why?  Because we’re constantly being bombarded with distractions.  Waves of “activity traps” crash down upon us whether it is e-mails, social networking, news feeds, messages, and requests.  I feel like Pavlov’s dog sometimes because the minute my iPhone buzzes with a text message I stop what I’m doing (important) to focus on something else (questionably important).    All this either takes time away from the things that are truly important whether they be at work, in your relationship, or with family. 

So how do we manage the insanity?   Create a 2nd list.  I know, you’re saying I already have enough lists.  But this one is just as important as your Priority List.  This one is your “Not To-Do” or Ignore List.   What is not important?  What gets in my way?  What things are a time sink?  What do I not like to do? 

Most people have the Priority List…that’s the easy one.  Very few people have the second.  I’ve found that having both keeps me focused and on task.  These are not lists that you create once (see Jan 1st, 2012) and put away.  Both are reviewed together every morning to help you manage the insanity.  What do I need to get done?  Where do I need to spend my time today?  What’s on my calendar that could be a distraction?  What am I not going to do today? 

Once you get comfortable with the list…and maybe disappointing a few people up front…you’ll be more productive and focused.  More importantly, you’ll be happier because you will develop a workable system that allows you to achieve the things that are most important to you personally and professionally. 

I can do this one easily.  Now, how am I going to get off of Santa’s Naughty List?  More importantly, how am I going to get off my significant other’s naughty list?

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